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EnterCalc licenses and supports patented software technology that expedites Deep Structure Automation in fields such as health insurance, consulting, and hospital supply chain operations.
What is Deep Structure Automation?
The Problem
Most business processes are performed by putting humans in charge, supported by software. This can be suboptimal for business processes that are data/analysis intensive and involve numerous stakeholders. It can lead to frustrated humans, missed opportunities, enriched counterparties, and a loss of transparency to management.
The Solution
Deep Structure Automation inverts the human/computer relationship: EnterCalc helps make computers smart enough to be in charge of complex business processes, with human assistance. Computers sift through relevant data continuously seeking opportunities for humans to act. When an opportunity is identified, computers provide materials that enable highly-leveraged human action: suggested talking points, suggested emails/letters/correspondence, suggested discussion materials, complicated legal arguments, persuasive financial analyses, populated forms, etc.
The Result
With Deep Structure Automation, computers optimally coordinate highly-leveraged human action. Every opportunity is either seized or explicitly declined. The tables are turned on counterparties accustomed to having the upper hand. Management has complete transparency into business process success.
Deep Structure Automation Case Study
A health benefits consultancy adopted EnterCalc technology and implemented Deep Structure Automation of their internal operations. Their hundreds of clients only interacted with people: via email, phone calls, or in person. But internally, the consultancy’s operations amounted to highly-leveraged human activity coordinated and supported by EnterCalc-expedited Deep Structure Automation.
Their output was industry-leading, their business grew, and they sustained outlier-high levels of profitability.
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