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Hospital Supply Chain
EnterCalc is exploring with hospitals the applicability of Deep Structure Automation to minimize supply spend. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you efficiently pursue every product price inconsistency issue (over a pre-determined savings threshold)?
  • Do you submit irrefutable tier rostering documentation to manufacturers the day your purchasing mix supports improved prices?
  • Do you seize (or knowingly decline) every opportunity to improve pricing by changing your purchasing mix (i.e., adjusting buying patterns or manufacturer sourcing)?
  • Are you negotiating lower pricing everywhere your GPO contract is uncompetitive?
  • Are you re-negotiating high-spend Physician Preference Category pricing every year?
  • When did you last invoice a manufacturer to recoup overcharges?
  • Do you aggressively manage your tail (non-contracted spend)? For example, do you compare all tail pricing to Amazon pricing?
  • Do you have computers sifting through your PO data every day identifying these types of opportunities for you and your staff to act?
Might exploring these topics with us be interesting? If so, please contact Emil Kraft at emil.kraft@entercalc.com or (206) 418-6299. Also, click on the image below to open our EnterCalc Hospital Supply Chain Overview.
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